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We continue talking about PS5, and therefore it is convenient to tell you How to fix error CE-106485-4.

What are the causes of error CE-106485-4 in PS5?

Faults are something of the most normal thing, but sometimes they can become tedious, especially when they tend to be recurrent, specifically knowing, How to repair the error CE-106485-4 leads us to tell you in the first instance that it is a fault that has occurred when trying to download a game on our internal hard drive, as it is not possible to copy it and this may be due to:


  •   The disk drive could be damaged.
  • The system software may be out of date, hence the need to constantly update it.

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    How to fix error CE-106485-4 in PS5?

    Fortunately, there are two solutions that can be applied and allow us to get out of this problem:

    Before going to the steps to follow, it is necessary to make it clear that you should not press the copy button after inserting the disc.

    To solve this failure it is necessary:


    •  Insert the game disc into our PS5.
    • Avoid pressing the copy button as soon as the disc has been inserted.
    • It is necessary to wait a few minutes, because after time the PS5 will start the copying process, this usually happens automatically.
    • In the event that it has not started, it is necessary to use the remote control and for this we will press the PS5 button on the DualSense.
    • Then we go to "Power" in order to select "restart the PS5".
    • This allows you to restart the console so that it can automatically start the copy process.


     Choose to update the firmware: this is another option that can be applied and for this it is necessary:


    •  Take a look to make sure the PS5 is connected to the internet.
    • Go to "Settings"
    • Then we must go to "System" and from there to "System software".
    • Then we go to "Update system software and configuration" this will take us to "Update system software".
    • We wait if there are updates available and if they happen avoid turning it off PS5.


     Now that you know how to fix error CE-106485-4, it is time to apply the solutions and in this way continue to enjoy your PS5.

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