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Find out how to fix screen flickering in this excellent and self-explanatory PS5 guide.

What to know about screen flickering in PS5?

Regardless of the brand of television, it is possible to go through this failure of screen flickering, this can be due to different reasons, among which are the HDMI cable, the 4K video transfer rate and that the firmware of the television is not updated. , considering we have to understand how to fix the flickering of the screen we have to go through a series of solutions that will be presented in this guide below, let's see them.
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    How to fix screen flickering in PS5?

    Being necessary to attend How to fix the flickering of the screen, we have that in our PS5 we can apply the following solutions:


    •  First: perform a check of our HDMI cables and ports, the latter we can choose to change them, but first seeing that the ports are working correctly, it is necessary to use HDMI 2.0 cables or those that are labeled as high speed, then what What we will do is disconnect these cables from both the TV and the console, we can try changing the ends by connecting the ends to the opposite, after not seeing anything resolved we choose to disconnect the TV from the power and wait a while and then plug it in. new.
    • Second: it is possible in terms of How to fix the flickering of the screen that it is necessary to perform an update of the firmware of our television, this is because the manufacturer may have made changes motivated to the output of consoles such as the PS5, then what We will do is go to the page corresponding to the manufacturer of our television to reach the firmware update solution.
    • Third: it is necessary for our console to deactivate the HDR, for this we will go to the configuration and deactivate it, it is also ideal that we apply the deactivation of the game mode on the TV as a possible solution.
    • Fourth: it may be necessary to make adjustments to the 4K video transfer rate, for this we will go to the console configuration, enter the screen and video, look for the video output tab and make the choice of the 4K video Transfer Rate, certainly something that is presented automatically but we will make the change to -1 or -2 to correct the error.

     We can conclude that knowing how to fix the flickering of the screen may be easier than we thought once we see these details, we only have to apply them and hope to solve this failure in our PS5.

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