Lidia Rozo
2022-02-08 06:45:28

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Today we bring you a Project Zomboid guide where we will tell you how to correct stuttering and Lags.

What is stuttering and lags in Project Zomboid?

This is not a bug that we get in this game and that is part of the number of problems with which we get, so that knowing How to correct stuttering and Lags leads us to consider applying some solutions that can be applied, Assuming that this failure can occur due to:


  •   Have outdated files.
  • There may be corrupted drivers.


How to fix stuttering and lags in Project Zomboid?

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Choose to update the driver: this is a solution that can be given to solve this error for which it is necessary:


  •  Choose to type Device Manager in the search box and proceed to open the most relevant search result.
  • We are shown an additional screen where it is necessary to expand the Display Adapters section.
  • Then we proceed to select the graphics driver.
  • Next, we right-click the selected graphics driver to proceed to select the Update driver option.
  • To finish, we restart the system and then run the game in order to check if the problem still exists.


 Opt to run the SFC scan - We are still applying fixes for this game and so we need to consider:

  •  Type “cmd” in the search box.
  • Then we need to launch the command prompt window on your screen.
  • Next, we must open the window with administrator privileges.
  • The newly opened window opens and we proceed to write the following command and press Enter.
  • Next we type Sfc /scannow.
  • Finally, we restart the system to check that the solution has been favorable.


Opt to Check Game Files: This is another applicable solution for How to Fix Stuttering and Lags, so you need to consider:

  •  We must open the Steam client and choose to choose the library.
  • Next, it becomes necessary to select to proceed to right-click on Project Zomboid.
  • Next, we need to click on Properties.
  • We proceed to choose the Local files and then click on the option Verify the integrity of the game files.
  • To finish, we restart the system and proceed to verify if the problem persists.

Access to launch Project Zomboid with the autoconfiguration option: this is another of the fixes that we find and for this it is necessary:


  •   Open the Steam client in order to choose Library.
  • Next, we need to select and right-click on the game.
  • We must click on Properties and proceed to choose the General option.
  • Next, we write "autoconfig" in the Launch Options section and proceed to launch the game again in order to verify if the problem still exists.


This is all you need to know about How to Fix Stuttering and Lags to apply any of these fixes for Project Zomboid.