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This article will explain how to find and use VHS tapes in Project Zomboid.

What are VHS Tapes?

VHS tapes are a type of magnetic tape used to record audio and video signals. They were introduced in the 1970s and quickly became the most popular way to watch movies and television shows. VHS tapes were eventually replaced by DVD and Blu-Ray discs, but some people still prefer VHS tapes for the nostalgia factor.

Where to Find and Use VHS Tapes in Project Zomboid?

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    In Project Zomboid, you can find VHS tapes in many locations. The most common places are display shelves, desks, bookshelves, side tables, end tables, wardrobes, and gas stations. You can also find VHS tapes in storage containers, any table that sits near a TV, the storage facility on the outskirts of Riverside, residential houses, and VHS stores.

    Once you have found some VHS tapes, you can use them in the game in a few different ways. You can watch a VHS tape to help you increase your “electronics” skill, or watch a cook show to increase your “cooking” skill. You can also watch some classic television shows with your friends, or check out the “Hit Vids” store to find some music videos.

    VHS tapes are a great way to enjoy some nostalgia while playing Project Zomboid. You can find VHS tapes in many locations, such as Muldraugh or Riverside, as well as in many residential houses and stores. Once you have a VHS tape, you can watch it to increase your skills, watch some classic television shows, or check out the “Hit Vids” store. Have fun exploring Project Zomboid and all the VHS tapes you can find!

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