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Depression is not good even in Project Zomboid, so here we will tell you how to fix depression, so pay close attention.

What is depression in Project Zomboid?

This is one of the moods your character could be hit by in the game. This one in particular will make your character slow down, which makes it easier for the zombies, so it's good that you know how to fix depression.

How to fix depression in Project Zomboid?

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    The best way to deal with this mood is to stop it before it starts, basically getting rid of the unhappiness as soon as you see it, because if you let it progress it will turn into depression.

    So if you are wondering how to fix depression in Project Zomboid, start by attacking the root early, so avoid unhappiness so that depression doesn't appear.

    Another way to get out of depression is by eating tasty foods, such as chocolate and sweets. Adding extra ingredients and spices to bland foods will also help you fight depression.

    It's also good to keep your character entertained by listening to music, watching TV, and reading skill books.

    Using antidepressant pills can cure your depression right away, they are found in the same way as other medications, apart from zombies.

    Thus, we end this article on how to fix depression in Project Zomboid so now that we have reached the end, we hope that you will be able to deal with this devastating mood in any of the above ways.

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