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Angel Marquez
2020-06-18 17:24:08

More about: Pokemon Isle Of Armor

This time we return with a Pokemon Isle Of Armor guide aiming to explain where to find Porygon.

  Through a DLC we may find Porygon in Pokemon Isle Of Armor, which will lead us to the explanatory content of this guide and its focus on helping us Where to find Porygon, we just have to pay attention to the guidelines that will be presented below.

What to know about Porygon in Pokemon Isle Of Armor?

To obtain it it is good to know that we can have more than one option, among which is surprise or wonder trade, although here the main method in which we are going to be able to add it to our Pokedex will be presented, to know then Where to find Porygon we continue reading the content that comes along.
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Where to find Porygon in Pokemon Isle Of Armor?

It is necessary that we have completed the chosen tower, then we will return to the dojo where we will talk to the mustard master about the next stages of our growth with the new Pokemon, which means a breakthrough in the history of the game and we will get to a battle They have a lot of difficulty, it is the last of the battles that has to do with the main story, at the end we have to return to the dojo and we will go to the room that is on the right, specifically the one that has a combined machine, if We managed to beat the last challenger in the dojo, we will see that Porygon is sitting in the salt waiting for us, we will talk to him and act follow Hyde will briefly tell us the history of this Pokemon, then he offers to give it to us, so we accept and so we get Porygon.

 This is all we need to know about Where to find Porygon, just follow the details presented and we will keep progressing on Pokemon Isle Of Armor.

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