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The world of Pokemon Isle of Armor lets us know how to get twigs from Galarica, let's see.

What are Galarica twigs in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

These are necessary elements that we must gather to exchange it for a Galarica bracelet for a non-playable character, as it is part of the new activities that can be carried out in this Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion, and that allows us, among other things, getting new creatures and precisely knowing how to get twigs from Galarica is ideal because they belong to the objects necessary to evolve them, since it is necessary to specifically get 8 and it is a task that I could start something complex but in the end it is somewhat more comfortable.
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How to get Galarica twigs in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

Normally these twigs are not visible but only with a flash on the ground for a few seconds it is possible to see them, the important thing is to consider that they are scattered in some places and for some limited time.


 It is possible to get these twigs in:

  • The Forest of Focus.
  • The Challenge Beach.
  • The Fields of Honor.
  • The Laguna del Lazo.
  • The Hot Wetlands.
  • Some areas of the sea on Armor Island.


 What is the Forest of Focus in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

This is one of the ideal places to get to know how to get twigs from Galarica because we got a number of trees there, the important thing is to focus on checking near the tall trees, since for this place it is possible to walk or bike, we can get even more twigs on these sides when we connect with Soothing Wetlands and Challenge Beach, considering that these elements will not be seen again until midnight.

Getting enough twigs of Galarica simply requires enough effort, but it is vital to evolve a creature, but it is also necessary to take into account that this collection process can take place drastically and accelerated when we make any change in the date on our Switch. for this it will only be necessary:


  •  Access the Switch start menu.
  • Proceed to select system settings before going down to System.
  • Then move to date and time.
  • Then we move one day and play again.


 Obviously making changes is a favorable option to get the Galarica twigs in less time in Pokemon Isle of Armor, since it is normally possible to collect them in less time, since they are obviously valuable and limited resources that we cannot miss.

 Consequently, knowing how to obtain twigs from Galarica allows us to evolve creatures in Pokemon Isle of Armor.

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