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Lidia Rozo
2020-06-18 17:17:34

Our guide today about Desperados III focuses specifically on explaining how many missions there are, let's not waste time and let's see.

What is Desperados III?

In order to know how many missions there are, it is necessary to consider in the first instance that this is a real-time tactical game and although there is no considerable amount of missions, it is necessary to recognize that they could take up a good amount of time, which means that they are going to be completed from now to now, but the effort has fantastic results.

This is the continuation of the previous entries and it will simply be necessary to be stealthy to enter, it is a world where the challenges are simply the epicenter and can make us use a good amount of time, but it is not wasted time, because while we progress in this game we get a considerable number of enemies where if we neglect we can be the talk of others, so concentrating on fighting and knowing how many missions there can be our best and most complex task, failing here is not an option since if we do it we can simply be penalized, this occurs in a fairly strong environment as we are traveling in the far west.

How many missions are there in Desperados III?

 The truth is that there are hardly 3 chapters and 16 missions, few in number but complex to carry out in itself, although we may get some short ones, others are relatively long and may take a little longer, this is good especially if we are fans of games of tactics because we simply enter a world that is usually to our liking, it is also possible to get us with some very interesting challenges at each level and these are simply optional, we can do it or not although particularly I would choose to do it this gives you more than emotion.

These are the missions:

Chapter 1.

  •  Devil's cannon.
  • Byers Pass.
  • Stone.
  • Higgins farm.
  • Rancho O`Hara.
  • Eagle Falls.


 Chapter 2.

  •  Devil's cannon.
  • Baton Rouge.
  • Mississppi river.
  • New Orleans.
  • Queen's Nest.
  • New Orleans Docks.
  • Devvit Gold Mine
  • The stones.
  • Devit House.


 Chapter 3.

  •  Devil's cannon.

 This is all we can tell you about how many missions are available in Desperados III, they are truly few but they can make us choose to make a considerable effort, try it and you will see that it is gratifying to complete them.

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