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Quick guide to learn how to get water in Satisfactoryio

With the increasing frequency of the game for PC users they have been tempted to download this amazing game for its unique open world factory building elements in first person. Like most titles in the genre, gathering resources will be key to creation and expansion, because of this we will teach you the basics of it.

How to get water in Satisfactoryio?

Water is one of the most important resources in the game, as it will be used to generate energy and make elements. In addition to using water, you'll need to make a water extractor, which is unlocked at HUB upgrade level 3

Steps to find water:

  • -Explore the world to find lakes, ponds and rivers.
  • -For a faster method, export your saved file to the successful Calculator.
  • -To export the save, open the Data folder of the local application on your C drive.
  • -Select the Factory Game file, go to Saved and finally Saved Games.
  • -Drop the file saved in the tab and your world map will be completed automatically.

With this said of How to get water in Satisfactoryio you will be able to survive and play calmly without worrying, just check the answers that we still have saved and you will be calm. Luck!

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