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In this guide post, we will explain how to get a free Xueyi in Honkai Star Rail.

The permanent endgame mode “Apocalyptic Shadow” introduced in version 2.3 of Honkai: Star Rail offers players a formidable challenge and the chance to acquire valuable rewards, including the free 4-star Quantum Destruction character, Xueyi. This guide provides a detailed overview of the unlocking process and offers tips for overcoming the first two stages.


To unlock Apocalyptic Shadow, players must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the “Grim Film of Finality” adventure quest: This quest takes place in Dreamflux Reef and requires interaction with Dr. Edward and Elegy.

How to get a free Xueyi in Honkai Star Rail?

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  • Interact with Elegy: After completing the “Grim Film of Finality” quest, players can interact with Elegy in Dreamflux Reef to access the Apocalyptic Shadow mode.
  • Completing Stage 1 of Apocalyptic Shadow: The initial stage features level 60 enemies and serves as an introduction to the mode's mechanics.
  • Further Interaction with Elegy: After completing Stage 1, Elegy will become available for future interactions, allowing players to access Apocalyptic Shadow mode at their convenience.


  • Upon completing Stage 2 of Apocalyptic Shadow, players can claim Xueyi for free from the "Nether Puppet" page of the Journey Log.


  • Taking Advantage of Bonuses: Similar to Pure Fiction mode, Apocalyptic Shadow offers bonuses that can be equipped to enhance team strategies. Selecting bonuses that complement team composition and strategies is crucial to success.
  • Adapting to Enemies: Enemies and their power levels can vary depending on the period in which you are facing the challenge. Adapting strategies and team composition accordingly is essential to overcoming the different stages.

Overall, Shadow of Doom presents a rewarding challenge for experienced Honkai: Star Rail players. By unlocking this mode, players can test their skills, earn valuable rewards, and acquire Xueyi, a valuable character in the game's current meta.

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