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Our guide today aims to explain to you Where is the best starting location in Pax Dei? Let's see.

In Mainframe Industries' medieval MMORPG Pax Dei, the choice of starting location is crucial to long-term success. The region where you set up your base influences resource availability, competition with other players, and progression opportunities. This analysis aims to guide beginner players in selecting the most suitable starting location, considering key strategic factors.

Where is the best starting location in Pax Dei?

For players looking for a quiet environment to settle down and learn the game's mechanics, Ulaid presents itself as the most favorable option. Located at the northern edge of the map, this region offers several strategic advantages:

  • Relative isolation: Away from the central zones of intense conflict, Ulaid provides a safe haven for beginner players to develop their base and familiarize themselves with the game without the constant threat of more experienced players.
  • Resource Abundance: The region has a suitable distribution of essential resources, including wood, stone, and ore, necessary for early construction and technological advancement.
  • Safe Spawn Points: The presence of eight Spawn Shrines in Ulaid ensures that in the event of death, players can quickly return to their base without losing significant progress.
  • Petra Dei Holy Site: This high-value zone, located within Ulaid, offers attractive challenges and rewards for those players seeking higher-risk, higher-reward opportunities.
  • Explorable Caves: Small to medium-sized caves scattered throughout the region contain valuable loot and resources that supplement surface resources and speed up early progress.

Additional Considerations for Experienced Players

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For more experienced players seeking a greater challenge and competitive opportunities, Wiht, located in the south, and the central regions of Gael and Down, could be viable alternatives. However, these regions present a more competitive environment and require greater mastery of game mechanics to survive and thrive.

We conclude this guide on What is the best starting point in Pax Dei? We hope that the information provided here will be useful for you to continue progressing.

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