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2024-06-20 09:19:34

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We've made a detailed guide to tell you how to download the Strinova beta in all regions.

Strinova, the new gacha game that combines adorable anime waifus (and husbands) with Valorant-like FPS gameplay, has launched its beta version. However, access to this initial test is restricted to players in Japan and the US. Fortunately, by implementing specific technical solutions, users located in other regions can bypass this restriction and enjoy the Strinova experience.


Stable internet connection
Supported device (PC or Android)
BiliBili account (Android only)

How to download the Strinova beta in all regions?

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1. Implement a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) masks the user's real IP address, rerouting internet traffic through an intermediary server located in the desired region. To play the Strinova Beta outside of Japan and the US, a VPN connection to a server in either of these two countries is required.

2. Download the Strinova Client

Once the VPN connection is established, go to the official Strinova website ( and download the game client for PC.

3. Install and Run the Client

Install the downloaded Strinova client and run it. The game launcher will check the user's region and, due to the active VPN, will mistakenly identify the location as Japan or the US, allowing access to the beta.

4. Log in and Play (PC Only)

  • Log in to your existing Strinova account or create a new one.
  • Select the desired game mode and start enjoying the Strinova Beta.

Latency: Using a VPN may introduce additional latency to your network connection, which could negatively impact your gameplay experience, especially in regions far from Strinova's servers in Japan and the US.

Accessing the Strinova Beta on Android

The Strinova Beta for Android is only available in China through the BiliBili app. Users who wish to play on Android devices must create a BiliBili account and follow the specific instructions provided in the official development notice (

Progress Transfer

It is important to note that progress made during the Strinova Beta will not be transferred to the official game when it launches. This measure is implemented to ensure a level playing field between all players at the official launch.

In conclusion, by following the steps outlined above, users located outside of Japan and the US can access and enjoy the Strinova Beta.

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