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With our help you will see that knowing how to stop ghosts from using doors is easier than you thought in Phasmophobia.

What to know about ghosts in Phasmophobia?

Certainly a room could keep us safe from a ghost when it comes to being chased, it was enough with the door and not making noise, but now ghosts have the ability to access these doors and find us, which will complicate our progress in the game, now the strategy to follow must be different, so it is ideal that we understand how to stop ghosts from using doors and that is what is solved with the following text, let's see it.

How to stop ghosts from using doors in Phasmophobia?

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Now the chances of a ghost finding us in a closet or locker is safe, then the only thing left is to prevent them from using these doors, what we will do for this is to see the handle and hold it, in the same way as we normally open a door, just We must keep the door fixed without moving it forward or backward, in this way the ghost will not be able to enter, certainly the capabilities of hunting ghosts are increased, but when it comes to having a hiding place with determination we only have to apply this, The only thing is that this is precisely where we are going to hide, and it is something unlikely that it will be present in the game.

So we finished our guide on how to stop ghosts from using doors, hoping that you can get the best out of a game as busy as Phasmophobia.

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