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Learn where to find Qingxin because it is a necessary task for your progress in Genshin Impact.

What to know about Genshin Impact?

Having Ganyu the 5-star character under our control, we must improve his level so that he is on par with the other characters, being necessary for this purpose to know where to find Qingxin, something that turns out to be complex, but it is possible that with The details in this guide will guide us in this regard, so let's see what it is about below.

Where to find Qingxin in Genshin Impact?

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    In the entire western section of Liyue we have to carry out this search, because in this specific part is the majority of Qingxin for cultivation, due to the efficiency of agriculture, we will start south of the village of Qingce, starting from here we will go to Mount Aozang through the surrounding areas to the south, it is possible that there is more Qingxin north of the Cuijue slope, so we must consider the place, after we pass through here we will try Qingxu Pool and east of here, then taking as result to 5 different places where you can get a total of 7 Qingxin, now south of the Guili plains there are 2, west of the dragon thorn and the Guyun stone forest lead us to 6 Qingxin, which allows them to be able to increase the Ganyu level with the right foot, every 24 hours we can review these places, and we will find more than necessary.

    In conclusion, knowing where to find Qingxin is excellent, because it is possible to advance in this interesting and moving game such as Genshin Impact.

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