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2021-04-05 10:19:24

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Now that Outriders has just been released, many users must be wondering how to get weapon and gear mods, which we will teach them here

What are weapon and gear mods in Outriders?

It is an element that will allow you to obtain additional attack power in your weapon or even modifications in its operation. In the case of armor mods, the abilities available in your character class will increase, as long as you use the ability empowered by your armor to be able to increase it.

How to get weapon and gear mods in Outriders?

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These modifiers can be unlocked in the creation area, where they are divided into three levels: level 1, 2 and 3. In this sense, if you want to unlock a mod, you will have to loot it and dismantle the attached element, for this you will have to position yourself on it and mark it and then unmark it after selecting everything you want to dismantle.

When you have dismantled a weapon or piece of armor with a unique mod, it will be available in your collection, and you can use it on another weapon or piece of armor using a craftsman, in the "mod gear" option.

That's all you need to know about get weapon and gear mods in Outriders, so we hope you'll get the most out of mods on both weapons and armor.

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