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2021-04-05 10:02:36

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If you got this far it is because you must be wondering how to holster a weapon in Outriders, which we will teach you today.

Why holster a gun in Outriders?

Possibly at some point in the game you will not need to pick up your weapon and shoot, so it will be useful to holster it for a while at least, this will improve your mobility.

How to holster a weapon in Outriders?

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Unfortunately, the alien planet Enoch is full of dangerous creatures and many other elements that could endanger your life, so if we're honest, you won't even have time to holster your weapon.

In fact, the "closest" thing you'll ever do is change your weapon, which we already taught you to do in a recent article,

However, the weapon can also be holstered by entering the safe areas of the game, you cannot even use any type of weapon or powers within these areas.

That is all you have to know about how to holster a weapon in Outriders, remember that it is not recommended, since you could be surprised by a threat, but you can do it safely in safe areas.

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