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2021-04-05 10:09:03

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The action in Outriders does not stop, so it is opportune to explain how to get all the legendary revolvers.

What to know about revolvers in Outriders?

These are medium-range weapons that turn out to be very forceful, we find for now the existence of 2 in the game, it is possible that we are talking about the best weapons if we are in the Pyromancer class, because we will use the powers of anomaly for said corresponding range, being also an improvement to highlight if we are in the Devastation in some melee situation, while in Technomancer it is ideal if the enemies get very close, while they are not aligned correctly in Harlequin they will be very useful, So to know how to get all the legendary revolvers we can focus on the text that comes from here on, let's do it.

How to get all the legendary revolvers in Outriders?

In Outriders there are no guarantees that legendary revolvers will be achieved, but it is important to highlight some conditions that can help us, such as world level 5 or higher, being possible to have greater possibilities through bosses, these legendary objects They are not found in chests and the repetition of the secondary missions can lead us to obtain better rewards and specifically to solve How to get all the legendary revolvers.
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Luck: you have that during each critical shot you will see yourself bouncing off 4 enemies that are within a radius of 5 meters, which allows you to double the damage caused by the weapon, these shots cause toxicity and have a 4-second cooldown, you have to have Luck is taken into account as the ideal weapon in our team, with the help of weapons like these we can attack from different angles, achieving an incredibly solid damage, even in a group the damage can be caused by poisoning the enemies with the toxic state, the weapon It has critical damage, but it is not a guarantee that this is the case, because group damage is required for it to have this effect, which may be acceptable for other weapons that present shots of different rounds, something that fails in a revolver, however knowing how to get all the legendary revolvers is important for building an advantage when comparing them with others.

The blaster: within a radius of 5 meters it is possible that the shots from this weapon link 5 enemies, causing in turn an electrical damage and with a 2-second cooldown, with the murderous shots it is possible to regenerate health, it is important note that this revolver in Outriders does not depend on the group effect to be effective, nor will it depend on the anomalous power or the firepower for its correct operation, being ideal for most constructions, even having an increase for the perforation of armor, something that against the bosses becomes lethal, in the case of the murderous shots they become inconsistent for the groups, but individually the regular healing through the deaths will always keep us with our stable health, no matter how complicated it is combat, for all classes having an additional 20 percent power is very encouraging.

Finally, now that we know how to get all the legendary revolvers we can continue with the fun that is presented to us in Outriders.

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