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2021-04-05 10:00:13

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Outrider has managed to occupy us considerably and that is why today it is necessary to explain how to Melee.

What does fighting hand-to-hand represent in Outriders?

This is simply a way to execute some combats, it allows us to be close enough to the enemy, although it is true it is not the only form of fight, we can consider it effective, even though some players have no idea how to use it, it is convenient to place it in practice, because here we have different skills that allow us to overcome adversaries, in addition there are various weapons from which it is possible to take advantage of.

How to melee in Outriders?

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Fighting hand-to-hand allows us to launch short attacks against an enemy, for this it is necessary to take into account the class, since each one has a particular function, to execute it it is necessary to press R3 on PS or RS on Xbox.

To use melee attacks it is necessary to consider:

  • Visualize the situations in which the combats take place, since some may be more favorable to execute them.
  • A melee attack is highly favorable when facing a single enemy.
  • When we face a single enemy there is the possibility of deriving the elemental affinity from our character's attack.
  • When we face a group of enemies we must rule out hand-to-hand fighting, the most probable thing is to be killed.

Now that you know how to melee it is time to execute them according to the situation in which you find yourself with the enemy, try and tell us how you are doing in Outriders.

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