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Angel Marquez
2022-02-18 17:13:17

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The action in No Man’s Sky does not stop, which leads us to tell you how to get the Neutron Cannon weapon.

What to know about the Neutron Cannon in No Man’s Sky?

With the recent update, important content has been added to the game, among which this weapon stands out, it is an energy weapon that has rapid projectile shots, which causes a lot of damage at any distance, which leads us to look for details as to how to get it and in this guide they are presented below, let's see.

How to get the Neutron Cannon weapon in No Man’s Sky?

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This is found in the anomaly, it is necessary that we go to the improvement seller, who is in the market, on our right passing through nothing and pole, here we will see many improvements and the Neutron Cannon blueprint for the second layer, we have to pay for these 250 Nanites, while the manufacture of the improvement requires a magnetic reasoner, 95 magnetized ferrites and 1 wiring, certainly with the weapon having the improvements we will have great power in the shots and the speed of the same, said improvement of the P-field compressor has its blueprint that costs 180 Nanites and its manufacture requires 3 microprocessors, 1 loom and 120 gold.

We can conclude that knowing how to get the Neutron Cannon weapon is easier than thought, you just have to apply the instructions and move on in No Man’s Sky.

PS4, Microsoft Windows PC, Xbox One
Action-adventure, survival
Hello Games
Hello Games
Kein Wert
Release date:
9 August 2016
Single-player, multiplayer
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