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Horizon Forbidden West offers us more activities and in order to develop them it is necessary to know how to use the concentration mode.

What is the concentration mode in Horizon Forbidden West?

This is a mechanic that this game has and that is highly favorable to destroy the machines and the enemies with which we find ourselves, we are allowed to use it to get out of the game unharmed and be able to dominate the combat, this considering that there are some that are remote, and we must be properly prepared.

How to use concentration mode in Horizon Forbidden West?

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It is necessary to take care of using this mechanic to survive in this game that is usually full of enemies and machines, in this sense, we must take into account that it is usually favorable because it offers the possibility of slowing down time and in this way achieving that the shot to be executed is simply perfect, in addition to this it offers us an interesting flexibility by providing us with a closer approach than normal.

To use the concentration mode, it is necessary:

  • Hold down L2 in order to aim.
  • Then, we proceed to press the right analog stick / R3 in order to activate the concentration mode and withdraw to execute the shot.
  • Shoot is usually done by holding down R2 and once we are going to execute we release the button.
  • Making proper use of this mode of concentration allows us to have the ability to do a lot of damage, and we will stay out of the circle of danger.

Now that you know how to use focus mode, you can apply it and thus continue progressing in Horizon Forbidden West.

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