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Nioh 2: How to block and parry

2020-03-17 09:26:39

We have that Nioh 2 is a highly mobile game and we are here to discover How to block and parry with precise details.

In Nioh 2 there are many enemies to face, the good thing is that we will also have many forms of defense, among these are the stop, blockade and the system of explosions, which causes us the question that we are going to solve with the help of this explanatory guide, How to block and parry, the details will be present in the content that comes from here on out.

How to block and parry at Nioh 2?

To block

We have to hold down L1, noting that attacks of this type are going to drain our resistance, keeping in mind that this anger is slowly returning as long as we hold down the L1 button, now we can certainly speed up the restoration process by buying skills If we run out of resistance we are going to enter a stunned state and exposed to being hit, it means that we must be very vigilant, the launches, the bright white movements we will not be able to block them, it will be possible to just avoid them.
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    It will be more difficult to stop, since there must be a certain synchronization with the right time, in addition to the unlocking that must be carried out for each of the weapons, even many of these have multiple stops and are L1 and square or L1y triangle, through the skills customization menu, it is possible to choose which stops to get.

    In How to block and stop we have that the stop is not going to be important, since in general the strategy will be the same, we must keep the blockade tight, only that press the square or triangle while the attack is about to impact us, there are some movements that it will not be possible to stop and it will be ideal if the movements that will be based on the sword are left, being the ones with the most evidence for being human, most of the Yokai we will not be able to stop or rather non-humans, with a success that we have in any stop we will see how the camera will make an angle change and this will be very close to our achievement obtained in Nioh 2

    How to use the explosion counter in Nioh 2?

    Having the knowledge of How to block and parry, we find the explosion counter, we treat it in the content as something of vital importance in our game, in this case stopping will be easy but in the case of blocking it will be very complicated, the movement which has the red glow, will be the only ones that we can counteract, there are also 3 burst counters in the game, which will depend on the equipment of the guardian spirit, the gross burst counter, it will be the easiest of the 3, it is a horizontal blow with a box of blows as a result, only patience will be vital until we have the enemy in front of us.

    Now for the phantom counter, it has the function of becoming at least one second in Yokai, which will make us on guard, when our guard makes enemy contact it will execute an explosion counter, only this will be more focused on the defense, in the case of the iron counter, will be the most irregular of the 3, it is capable of leaving a ghostly image of lightning, for this counter to be successful, the burst attack must have contact with the subsequent image, meaning this we have in this a burst counter and if we compare it with the Brutus it is offensive and traditional, the ghost will be the defense its strong point.

    It is clear that knowing How to block and parry will allow us to perform better in our fun than we have in Nioh 2.

    PlayStation 4 PS4
    Action role-playing
    Team Ninja
    Koei Tecm, Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Release date:
    March 13, 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer
    age rating (PEGI):

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