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BitLife: How to Pinch People - Shamrock Challenge

2020-03-17 09:19:23

The new tasks that we find in BitLife lead us to teach you how to pinch people in detail.

In BitLife we have that a new challenge is available, which is a reference to the celebrations of St. Patrick's Day and which is called Clover, among so many tasks that are related to it, we will have in this guide the explanation of How to pinch the people, we just have to read the content that is hereinafter available to us.

What should we know about the clover challenge in BitLife?

We have to carry out in this challenge the following tasks:

  • Watch Jacksepticeye with a friend
  • Own 7 green cars
  • Pinch 7 people
  • Has 7 redheaded children
  • Live or emigrate to Ireland

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    Once we create a character, we will start in Ireland which will be the simplest, although it is possible that we start elsewhere or even emigrate, in case this does not have any kind of benefit, we will come to create the number of characters we want, up to a about to get to have a redhead Bitizen or marry one, since if both parents have the trait of redheads it will be easier to have the 7 redheaded children, it will be important to be attentive to intelligence and to access school since it will be able to reach get a good paying job, thus having more children and even cars to buy.

    Having a baby per year will be key with our partner, in addition, to have assets that will help us to get to buy the cars, something that we must have as quickly as possible, the children will drain us the bank balance of being many, let's see now the solution a How to Pinch People with Details.

    How to pinch people on BitLife?

    We are going to have 2 possibilities for this part of the challenge, it is possible that we will fall into jail, go to the patio, attack people and then pinch it, now for option 2, we talk about the most complicated one, we have to go to the nightlife option to access the parties and seek discussion with people, so if they start it we can lash out against them, thus having the option of pinching them, even for the same person we can do it 7 times .

    Jacksepticeye with a friend

    We have to do this part with a real friend, for this it will be necessary that we have cultivated a childhood friendship or in our work, when we do we will go to the relationship menu, here we will choose the friend with whom we will see him, we go down and look for the option that says See YouTube, we press here and in the menu we will look for Jacksepticeye, this until we find her with our friend.

    This is all we need to know about How to pinch people, one of the tasks of the Clover challenge that we find in BitLife and with this we can continue enjoying this incredible adventure.

    iOS, Bluestacks, Android
    Life simulation game
    Candywriter LLC.
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