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With our Stardew Valley guide you will learn more about how to play split screen.

What to know about Stardew Valley split screen?

With the arrival of update 1.5 in full operation, we have to unite the features that it brought was the multiplayer in split screen, which allows us to play with our friends from now on, added to all the content to explore, the objects and secrets to the that we will be exposed, the operation of the split screen is similar to the online mode, which allows us to have the same possibilities, if we want to know how to play the split screen, let's move on.

How to play split screen in Stardew Valley?

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    Firstly, a cabin is required to be built, which makes it possible to join players to our game, with the help of the advanced options' menu we can have the cabins built from the beginning, after that we go to the game menu to locate the multiplayer option, entering into local cooperation, then with only preparing start on their controls the other players will be able to enter our game, it is also possible to make the necessary adjustments regarding the zoom by entering the menu options, managing to be in The same situation as if we were in online multiplayer, even the rules and restrictions that will be presented are the same, when other players join our game there are some changes in the handling of missions and in things like sleeping.

    Now that you know how to play split screen just do it and get the best out of this feature in Stardew Valley.

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