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2020-12-23 07:04:01

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The adventure world called Genshin Impact offers us tasks and this leads us to tell you where to find the Flaming Red Bolognese

Why is it necessary to find the Flaming Red Bolognese in Genshin Impact?

This game has been in charge of bringing us some phenomenal recipes, and this one is not different, only that it leads us to have to complete certain daily missions that can occur in Liyue, and therefore knowing where to find the Flaming Red Bolognese makes us take care of giving Geri a total of 2 servings of steaming red bolognese, as the goal of this is to achieve:

  •   20,000 Mora reputation points.
  • 40 city reputation points.

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Where to find the Flaming Red Bolognese in Genshin Impact?

This is a recipe that we can cook and serve to Geri, because with this we are presented with the opportunity to complete a daily search, so that it is possible to take care of buying this recipe from Sara, she is just a waitress of the Goog Hunter, only that it will be necessary to have:

  •  An adventure rank that reaches 20.
  • 2,500 Mora which is the value of the recipe.


 With the recipe in our possession, it is worth mentioning that it has the ability to:

  •  Restore 18.22 percent of maximum HP.
  • Regenerate between 300 and 470 HP every 5 seconds within 30 seconds.


 The ingredients needed to prepare this recipe are:

  •  Have a pot for the preparation.
  • Count on 1 tomato.
  • Count with 2 flours.
  • Count with 2 raw meats.


 With the recipe ready, it is necessary to embark on a search that bears the name "give two portions of red bolognese on fire to Geri", so that it is necessary to take charge of locating the reference point of the Sea of Cloudstask.

In this sense, knowing where to find the Flaming Red Bolognese allows us to look for a recipe, prepare it and offer it to receive the necessary rewards in Genshin Impact, try it.

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