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Total War Three Kingdoms Guide: Best Skills for Characters

2019-05-27 21:13:04

In Total War Three Kingdoms the video game of tactics in real time based on turn strategies, there are different levels of difficulty, as you go through them you must improve the skills of your character. This game allows you to choose each skill before applying and reading its details when you scroll over an ability. If you want to know what are kas better skills for the characters in this title, continue reading.

Depending on the class of the character, the skill trees will change, giving them new abilities related to their function and function in the campaign and battle, as well as other bonuses.

Total War Three Kingdoms skills

In terms of attributes, there are skills that provide improvements in them, in addition to their key attribute, giving you the possibility to configure their development and skills to extend their effectiveness outside their main class role.

 In addition to the above, the skills have the ability to provide bonuses to specific unit types in your army, or improve aspects of your presence in the campaign. Before choosing where to spend a character's skill points, mouse over each skill in its skill tree to examine its effects.

Legendary characters of Total War Three Kingdoms

Legendary characters have the ability to gain experience faster than normal characters. A normal hero can become a legendary character by reaching 100 in any attribute.

It is important that you know that each character can obtain the main attribute of his class, plus a secondary or tertiary attribute, everything will depend on his background, and each attribute will affect a campaign benefit and a military benefit.

Regardless of their class or origin, all attributes help any character. So if you run into a problem with the satisfaction of a Vanguard character for example, you can increase your authority to help him in this matter.

HOW HEROES WORK - Total War: Three Kingdoms + Wu Xing!

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