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Temtem: How to get the Pendant Location

2020-02-03 16:44:20

Knowing how to get the pendant location makes us have many more places that can be explored in Temtem.

  The missions in Temtem can become quite varied, some complex, others not so much, but missions at the end of the day and with them we can get a number of eventualities, or articles, the pendant is one of those locations that we can discover, especially if this kind of details bring for us rewards.

Why go to the Sillaro river in Temtem?

The Sillaro River is a place where you can swim, but it is also the place where Clara has lost the pendant, because this she tells you on the beach of Zadar, but this search involves some relevant details and we can only execute it after having completed the first Dojo, so that we can get the surfboard because this allows us to cross the parts that contain water through the map, once completed, if we can go through our search on the pendant.

 How to get the pendant location in Temtem?

 Before going on the mission of getting the pendant, we must first have the surfboard with us, then we will have to go south of the docks, and surf to the exposed banks, which are on the sides of the map, because we It offers the possibility of directly observing the location of the pendant, as this occurs when we go through Brical del Mar, a fairly large city that is exactly in the center of the `map.

 If we realize well we can see that there are some remains of a ship on the banks of the river, this is simply the pendant we need and to be able to take it it is necessary to press the F on the keyboard, just by doing this operation we can pick up the Lost Pendant, once we have it with us we will have to return again, because we will have to give it to Clara who is in Zadar, but obviously we will not go smooth, because with this mission completed we are given the opportunity to receive a reward and it is the TC Tsunami , that later we can teach our Temtem, in this way it is good to complete missions, because we can always receive something in return that offers us some kind of benefit.

 This is simply all you need to know about how to get the pendant location an object lost in Temtem that is presented to us as an interesting mission.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Humble Bundle
Release date:
January 21, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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