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Angel Marquez
2020-08-20 18:24:18

More about: Mortal Shell

This time we return with a Mortal Shell guide with the objective of explaining How to heal.

What to know about being heal in Mortal Shell?

Heal ourselves in this game if possible, taking into account those situations that could compromise our health, such as strong blows from our enemies, it is necessary that we know how to heal, if we follow the explanatory content of this guide closely we will find out, If we want to stay alive it will be necessary and useful for us to do so, let's see what the following content offers us about it.

How to heal in Mortal Shell?

There are a series of objects that will help us to recover a certain amount of our health, which will be on the ground or looted from our enemies, while we continue to progress we will have access to these possibilities, among the objects we have the Weltcap, with which we will be able to restore 40 health only in 1 minute, these objects can also be obtained if we get to assault the enemy camps that are located in the center of our map, but it is necessary that before that we have to have defeated all of them, which allows you to find a Baguette, another of the objects that helps us in How to heal in Mortal Shell, with this we also recover some health, another important object becomes the roasted rat, with this we can recover 30 health in 25 seconds and it is possible to buy from a merchant at the back of Falgrim.
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Another option for healing we have once we have died, since when we return the dead body will be in the precise place of death, if we look for it we can take the health meter from it with an interaction, increase our health and allow us to be more active for some time, if we are during a combat it is also possible to know how to heal, for this we can use the stoppage, only this is something difficult to do but if we master it it is possible, it consists of dodging the enemy before that we are hit, this is not a simple blockade so it will take us some time, if we are successful in it, the next thing is to attack the enemy and thus we will recover some health in Mortal Shell when using the empowered riposte, through From the attacks we make to our enemies, we will fill our resolution meter.

If we are not attacking, it will begin to decline, it will not be able to stay full due to the lack of attacks, it is important that we practice the stoppage as one of the options to How to heal more effectively in the difficulties of distress, reaching the outside of Falgrim here we have the possibility to improve health through Sester Genessa, which in the catacombs we will know, if in this place we die we will be starting again at the beginning of the map, not from Falgrim in Mortal Shell, we have already seen the options to heal ourselves we have to use them to stay alive.

Finally, now that we know how to heal we can continue progressing in Mortal Shell without problems.

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