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Minecraft: How to play Snapshots - Tips and tricks

2020-02-07 11:14:44

Find out how to play Snapshots in this excellent explanatory guide of Minecraft with all the necessary details that we should know.

What should we know about Minecraft?

This game has received a considerable amount of changes, taking it to an evolution beyond since it was launched, as some update comes out our adventure is increasing and improving, the experiences we will be able to have when the official updates are within our reach , but we have the possibility of another way to do it, it is knowing how to play Snapshots, for this we must consider the details that this guide will bring us from here on, for more reason we must pay attention below.

How to play Snapshots in Minecraft?

To access the updates of Snapshot we have to follow several indications, we must first launch Minecraft Java Edition through the game launcher, then we will look for the facilities tab that is at the top, we will click here and we will be taken to a different panel , in this place we have to look for the version area, it will be in the top bar, we will find it and mark it, in this way we will see the last snapshot in the menu where the updates will be, here we will play and They will load in the snapshot this way.

It is recommended that before starting the game in this version, we make a backup of the worlds or saved that we already have, it is good to also start with a new save if we are going to see the snapshot, this being to prevent the data from being corrupted originals, since there are chances that it may occur, in the option of patch notes that is on the top side of the game launcher, it is possible to perform the update check, if we want to be sure that if we are in game of the last snapshot, in the lower right corner we will check when loading the game.

Now we know how to play Snapshots we simply have to follow the explanation presented here in our Minecraft guide and our adventure will continue.

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18 November 2011
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