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Minecraft: How to Make a Soul Fire Lantern

2020-02-07 10:56:06

The world of Minecraft brings many things for us and here we can get the explanation about how to make a soul fire lantern

What are soul fire lanterns in Minecraft?

  This game has been responsible for bringing some very important novelties for us and one of them is the lantern, which Nether needs, and they are presented as an alternative in relation to torches, as these can only be placed on the walls, on the contrary the lanterns can be placed on the ceiling, because they present that possibility, in addition to being a very attractive element in Minecraft, because it contributes to giving the game better quality in terms of creativity and is one of the many new things that update 1 brings, 16 of this game, so let's focus on knowing how to make a soul fire lantern.

How to make a soul fire lantern in Minecraft?

 The process of creating the flashlights is really not very complex, but we need to get Soul Siol and this can take some time, but it's nothing we can't do:

 We will have to go to Nether.

 In order to go to Nether it is necessary to create a Nether portal, for this we will have to make a 4x5 rectangle, with obsidian crops, light it with a flint and some steel, then we will jump over the purple portal and with it we will find ourselves in the Nether

 Search for a Soul Sand Valley biome:

 In the Nether it is necessary to get a biome because Soul Sand has been here for a long time, and it has a necessary resource for us, the Soul Siol, has a somewhat strange aspect, because it is an arena of the soul that usually stops us when we go to the Land of the Soul, because it is undulating, and the only way to know that we are in the right place where our resources are, is because we can observe some blue flames that leave the ground, here we must harvest a little of Tierra del Alma , in order to create 4 torches of soul fire

 Elaborate fire torches for souls:

 To know how to make a soul fire lantern it is necessary to make some torches, and for this process we only need to get some coal or firewood and a stick, these elements are placed on the craft table, so that we can get 4 torches , with each quantity of ingredients that we place on our elaboration table once we have the Soul Sioil with us.

 Make iron nuggets.

 The process of creating the soul fire lanterns requires a certain amount of process, now we will have to make iron nuggets, for this it is necessary to have an iron ingot, place it on our craft table and that we can achieve it 9 If for some reason we do not have such ingot, we must prepare it, for this it is necessary to use the oven, because there we can throw some tool, weapon or iron armor, so that when melted, we can get an iron nugget for our job.

Creation of the soul fire lantern

  This is the easiest process, because now that we have the torches with us, it is necessary to place it on our craft table and surround them with the iron nuggets so that the lanterns are made in Minecraft.

What is the use of soul fire lanterns in Minecraft?

  The fire lanterns of soul here have an important value, because they usually emit a little less light in relation to normal lanterns, in addition, they are excellent tools to illuminate a base of an igloo, because with this type of light the snow cannot melt , and are part of the decoration in Minecraft.


  We can thus end our guide on how to make a soul fire lantern, a phenomenal lighting tool that brings Minecraft to us.

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18 November 2011
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