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Stoneshard: How to find the elder - Tips and tricks

2020-02-07 11:18:08

If we want to know how to find the old man in Stoneshard we are in the right place for the explanation in this guide.

We can find much information in Stoneshard, when we have to search for a character usually has its difficulty, more when we have to find one as it is the oldest, which will lead us to the question of How to find the old man, as this has access to contracts that will allow us to access a horse, is somewhat difficult but in this guide and its contents we will find all the necessary answers that will help us, continue to see what brings us.

Who is the old man in Stoneshard?

The contracts in the small town where we started the game are under the responsibility of this character, Verren will be the first to mention this old man, which sends us back to him so that he gives us three contracts, which will help us to have access to a horse and cart, but does not say Verren where to find them, the answers we will have next.

How to find the old man in Stoneshard?

The answers we half the waiter but it will help, this will indicate that the old man lives in the hall of the village, near the market, in this area we will find a building on the right, with many chickens and a rooster and enter, here we will see some guards sleeping and another sitting at a table,  We will use the back stairs to get to the second floor, so we will find the old man named Odar, sitting at a table, when we talk to him he will tell us that he has several contracts for us, we will pick them up, and we will start our adventure.

Certainly it is difficult to find this old man, we do not have a map to help us, we will depend on the directions of the other inhabitants, taking into account all the minimal details, since for future missions this will be of great importance.

We hope that this information here detailed on How to find the old man has been useful for our fun at Stoneshard.

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