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Minecraft: How to build a new village in 1.14

2019-08-23 18:01:28

 Through this Minecraft guide we will explain how to build a new village in 1.14, as several revisions to the mechanics of the villager who plays are finally introduced.

 Minecraft now allows you to build a village from scratch, has introduced some of the serious revisions taking into account the mechanics of the game's villager, this aims to allow players to build a new village in 1.14, much more realistic and with greater capacity to be able to manage and control the villagers.

 How to build a new village 1.14 in Minecraft

In this update you will have the opportunity to build a town, that is your first step, that is to say with its real buildings where villagers can live. Minecraft used to establish the village population with the number of doors in a given area. This limited the lives of the villagers, that is, with every three doors it already counted as a house, so 30 doors were needed to allow a population of ten villagers. Now a house has changed, it will be a bed inside with a door that separates it from the outside world.

 You can put all your creativity into action to build a new village in 1.14, you just have to build a set of buildings with a bed and a door of whatever, the interesting thing is that it is a bed and a door that separates the exterior with the interior . You may have them close to each other. We recommend that you make sure to make a wall around the village if possible with a ledge so that spiders cannot climb. For greater security use iron doors and switches, in this way you will keep the villagers inside and the bad outside.

 How to get the villagers in Minecraft

If you could already build a new village in 1.14, you must find at least a couple of villagers to start, fortunately the way to do it remains. The first thing you should do is get an existing village and paste a villager in a mine car, then you just have to push it to the location you want. When you are in your town you have to hit the car until it breaks and it will settle there.

 The most difficult thing in Minecraft, is going to be to turn villagers into zombies, to be able to do it you require three fundamental things, these are: a golden apple, a dark and very safe place, a welcome potion or an arrow with weakness effect. With these three elements you must do the following: hit the villager using the weakness object, then use the golden apple on it, you will hear a strange sound then it will transform again, do not waste time and catch it inside, from that moment will be a regular villager.

You only have to make the villagers do the work you need, but you must discover how to do it. Now in Minecraft the jobs are determined by very special work blocks, even one of them can be used by the player others not. Remember that building a new village in 1.14 means getting all the villagers you need. We explain it to you, if you decide to place a Blast Furnace this causes a villager to become an Armorer, a villager usually claims the block of his job site. So take good account of how many of each villager you want to have for each purpose.

 Once you have your first 2 villagers, you have to raise them, the good thing is that it is very easy to do it you just have to have two requirements that we already mentioned, the first, an unoccupied house is to say a space that separates it from the inside and the outside , a bed and a wooden door, the second is your will to raise them.

 If you have an unoccupied house you just have to make sure that two of your villagers are willing, you can only do it in two ways, first that the villager has enough food, the second that the villager has completed a 20% exchange of time with you . If your two villagers are willing you will see some hearts and a baby villager will appear, and in a very short time it will already be trading with you.

 We hope we could be of your help in the new update of Minecraft, and be clearer of how to build a new village in 1.14, remember to do the tricks to get your first villagers, do not forget that each area must have a secure door and a bed.

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