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Today we bring you an explanatory guide with everything you need to know about How to get sodium in Minecraft Education Edition.

It's time to start studying! The new surprise element of Minecraft, Education Edition has a wide variety of tools with which you can do real science, such as sodium volcanoes. Something truly incredible!

By focusing on the periodic table, this edition manages to make food tastier and even create chemicals that can be harmful to everyone.

Turn Hange and Senku into specialized scientists while you have fun in this new Minecraft world full of possibilities, where you can even face the Creepers in a simple way with these scientific elements. If you want to know more about it, keep reading.

How to Get Sodium in Minecraft Education Edition

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Essential Requirements:

  • Minecraft Education Edition with the "Education Edition" setting activated in World Settings (applicable to Creative Mode)
  • In-game commands (necessary for obtaining the Element Constructor in Survival Mode)


1. Locating the Element Constructor:

  • Creative Mode: Employ the inventory search function and enter "Element Constructor."
  • Survival Mode: Utilize the designated in-game commands to acquire the Element Constructor. Refer to Minecraft Education Edition documentation for specific command details.

2. Sodium Synthesis:
  •  Engage with the Element Constructor.
  • Meticulously adjust the provided sliders or input fields to manipulate the following values:
  • Protons: Set to 11 (represents the number of positively charged protons within the atomic nucleus).
  • Electrons: Set to 11 (represents the number of negatively charged electrons orbiting the nucleus)
  • Neutrons: Set to 11 (most prevalent isotope) or a value ranging from 11 to 13 (for less common isotopes).

  • 3. Verification of Configuration:
    • Upon successful configuration, the symbol "Na" should be displayed beside the element representation within the Element Constructor.

    Practical Applications:

    The procured Sodium can now be utilized for diverse in-game experiments, fostering a comprehensive understanding of chemical reactions. Here are some illustrative examples:

    • Underwater TNT: By combining Sodium with TNT at a crafting table, a variant capable of functioning underwater can be created.
    • Sodium Chloride (Salt): Combining Sodium with Chlorine (Cl) within the Element Constructor facilitates the formation of NaCl, commonly known as salt.

    This is everything you need to know about How to obtain sodium in Minecraft Education Edition, we hope that this guide will help you so that you can obtain this incredible chemical material and in this way, become a specialized scientist while you explore the multiple possibilities that this edition has for you.

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