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Genshin Impact: Where to Find Missing Ghosts

2020-10-23 08:38:34

Our Genshin Impact tour lets us show you where to find missing ghosts

What are lost ghosts in Genshin Impact?

These are a kind of green spirits that are lost and it is our task to make sure that they can return to their way back home, this is a task that we must perform within a certain time limit, getting it to be before it can appear. a chest, as these spirits manage to see each other because they usually reside in a statue or pillar, the advantage of this is that it will be necessary to help a considerable number of them, the good thing is that they have some type of feasible rewards for us, so because knowing where to find lost ghosts embarks us on an interesting journey.

Where to find missing ghosts in Genshin Impact?

The spirits serve as a guide on this journey to return home, only this is a task that we can do when we are in Teyvat, our job is to get the Seelie first, the advantage is that we have a good number of hidden and can help us complete our objective, to find the seelie it is only necessary to choose to follow it and it will take us directly to the statue, which before seeing the seelie was empty, only this allows us to make the Elemental Vision so that with so just by pressing a button we can find the player's radar, as well as other traces of elemental magic that may be hidden, so that our tour here is not very involved, however it is not possible to use it while it is being deactivated or while we are Let's find ourselves walking

Elemental vision can only be used in some particular missions that require this type of ability, however, choosing to use it near the statue that is empty without a seelie can show us the amount of magic that could be around these sides, as this can be somewhat gratifying because we may be exhausted from looking for some treasures, because this path is very short or easy in the end, so we choose to move a little and turn the camera until we get some trace of Seelie It can be visible, until you see some of them floating with a key to some number of chests, something that is too perfect since this will wait for us some time hunting creatures and attentive to the treasures that may still be hidden.

In general terms, knowing where to find missing ghosts is an interesting and very rewarding task that we are allowed to perform in Genshin Impact

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