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Genshin Impact has arrived and allows us to occupy ourselves for a long time, which allows us to explain to you How to beat Geovishap Hatchling

What is Geovishap Hatchling in Genshin Impact?

In reality, this is a type of lizard, it is one with which we get ourselves and which in some way it is vital to defeat, because as we progress we get some number of bosses that may be stronger than others, however we know how. beating Geovishap Hatchling is an interesting task and that this is a resident of Liyue and has some important characteristics.

The mere possibility that these bosses may be immersed in the Dominions of Teyvat makes them strong enough, which requires us to somehow know how to beat Geovishap Hatchling due to the fact that it has some objects that may be necessary in ascension. of players, so that remain some characteristics of this boss in Genshin Impact:

  • They can hit the ground to get other players to dig.
  • They have a Geo shield to protect themselves from damage.
  • It is necessary to consider that this lizard can drop some geoschemes since this can make it somewhat vulnerable allowing us to make a counterattack.

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    How to beat Geovishap Hatchling in Genshin Impact?

    This can become a complicated task since this boss chose to make a tunnel in the ground, because one of his attacks consists of digging, which is a perfect moment, since while he is in this process he will leave some elements behind and that is where We can choose to take elements such as the shield that we can use in a way that allows us to protect another player, and this boss may be vulnerable to our attacks, which will be necessary to make the most of it, of course this does not mean that it is easy, because equally In this way, we will last a long time to defeat him, however, it is possible to be guided by other strategies that allow us to defeat him, being perhaps more effective, only that this leads us to have to make him move into the water.

    This boss has the ability to stand in the water, or close by on some occasions, but if for some reason they submerge, this will simply be fatal and this is a strategy that we can use in our favor, since in this place they cannot tunnel to generate attacks, just trying makes them sink and die, for which it is necessary to choose to swim in the water since this makes the boss interested in generating some attacks in Genshin Impact that can be carried out directly to death, of course It does not mean that they are always interested that this can be realized in this way which leads us to have to convince them to approach a body of water and make our work can be something not so complicated.

    • Once we manage to beat Geovinshap Hatchlings, it will drop:
    • Berserker and Exile sets.
    • Materials for weapons ascension.
    • Powerful armor that can be affordable from Mappa Mare and Prototype Animus.

    This is all you need to know about How to beat Geovishap Hatchling, since it is only necessary to choose to attract it to the water, especially when they are young, to fight a battle that is somewhat complicated in Genshin Impact.

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