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2020-10-23 08:00:30

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Where is The Ancient Gods Secret Encounters in Doom Eternal?

At UAC Atlántica

  •  The first: Once we have fought with the Marauder, we will be able to go down a path where there is a platform, being a green fan blowing air to the left, there is a platform below where the first of the encounters, it is necessary that we shoot the fan to be able to deactivate it and access said platform.
  • The second: In the room full of water we have this one, it is necessary to go to the right to reach a room with some tentacles, we will get here the necessary suit to immerse ourselves in the water and reach the bottom, this meeting we have going towards the breathable vent.


 In the swamps of blood

  •  The first: as for Where are The Ancient Gods Secret Encounters at this point we have to go through the fog, on the left we will be able to find the first of the encounters inside a cage, to open it it is necessary that we go to fight with the tyrant, who has to create a wall of demons, from the ledge we have to hit him and we will achieve it
  • The second: Once we get to the door where the Cyberdemon is, we will go to the left reaching some stairs, here we can go through a green wall that can be broken, we use the skull console to cause a tremendous blow and we can find the present meeting at the bottom.


 In the Holt

  •  The first: Once we hit a tree, it will fall by Doom Eternal, this is when going through a cave that has a pink floor and to the right of here is a breakable wall that we are going to cross and reach the meeting
  • The second: When we have gotten the Luminarium, we will use the middle console to activate it, this is in the clean room after the fight, we press the button above to deactivate the lasers, we return to the inside of the door to find it.


 Knowing where The Ancient Gods Secret Encounters are is interesting, as it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Doom Eternal.

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