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In this article we are going to tell you how to solve  No Voice Chat issue that is occurring in Crucible.

What's the  No Voice Chat issue.

We had to wait a long time to have Crucible in our hands but it is already with us. Unfortunately, the third-person shooter multiplayer developed by Amazon has had some problems, in this particular one we can say that Amazon has covered everything except voice chat, since it cannot be used, causing many to wonder how to fix  No Voice Chat issue.
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    How to fix  No Voice Chat issue in Crucible.

    On the problem of how to fix  No Voice Chat issue we have to tell you that there is no solution, at least for now, there is nothing to do since Amazon plans to introduce an integrated voice chat after all the problems of the game and have established a more substantial fan base.

    This basically means that until then we have no choice but to simply trust the game's ping system or use alternative voice chat means.

    It is expected that in addition to voice chat, developers will also add text chat, although an entry date for these features is not yet known, so you will have to be patient in the meantime.

     So we finished this guide on how to fix  No Voice Chat issue in Crucible, we hope that it has been useful and you have better understood what is happening with voice chat and that it really is not a problem but a type of strategy to reward the growth of the game.

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