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Guide on How to heal yourself in the Crucible video game

 Keeping your health stable at Crucible is a real challenge. You have to worry about the dangerous wildlife that roams the game, and you also have to worry about the enemy players trying to complete the same objectives and who want to get a victory.

There are several ways to heal yourself and this is important if you want to cause a lot of trouble for your enemies. So we will teach you how to heal yourself in the game.

How to heal in Crucible?

The most direct way is to use a medicine cabinet. When you start the game, all players have access to a first aid kit, and you can carry a certain amount of them in your character throughout the game.

You have the opportunity to increase this number by searching for medkit amps around the map or having a teammate locate one.

To activate a kit, you have to hold down the G button on your key and wait for the kit's capacity to fill up completely, although you can also add kits to your character by locating bots that are small robots with a green plus sign on their bodies. .
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    There are green healing stations in the game that give short bursts of healing each time you activate them. These are silver pillars that you can constantly approach and interact with to receive a healing

    If you run out you can search the bright green plants in the ground and shoot. They let out a flurry of green dust in the air, and if you stand it up you can get some health.

    Green plants are trusted when you don't have a medicine cabinet available, and you only want to use a medicine cabinet when you have a safe location. Trying to activate a plant for a larger healing blast leaves you vulnerable, because of this you can give the enemy the perfect opportunity to land a good hit.

    If you manage to get out of a crucial moment of battle, the best thing you can do is recover your life so you can continue.

     With all the above mentioned, How to heal yourself in the Crucible video game should already be an easy task in the middle of the battlefield, you just have to resist and win, luck!

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