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Maneater: How to Sprint or Swim Faster

2020-05-25 09:40:03

It is necessary to know how to sprint or swim faster, since it is a fundamental task in Maneater.

Why swim faster in Maneater?

In the video games we get a sprint button that is used to run but in this particular case it is about swimming, because normally our swimming speed is somewhat slow compared to other creatures in the ocean, our job should be to move quickly to achieving goals, especially considering that swimming faster makes us stronger and more powerful and that is specifically what we can afford, it is difficult to say that nobody is afraid of sharks, but in this case the speed of swimming it serves us to prowl in the depths of the ocean, it can have a lot to find around here.

How to sprint or swim faster in Maneater?

Swimming quickly allows us to locate the targets as soon as possible, because if in doubt it is the best strategy that we can execute while we are exploring or simply hanging around.
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There is only one option to swim faster and that is just a movement that can push us just a little bit forward, and this implies a level of handling with the tail to achieve it, it is only necessary to keep the controls pressed to achieve it, although it does not appear As a super movement it simply has its advantages, in addition there is no other option so it will be necessary to keep up with what there is so far.

These are the buttons that we can use to swim faster.

  • On PS4 you need to press L2.
  • On Xbox One you need to press LT.
  • On PC it is necessary to press Shift.

Now that you know how to Sprint or Swim faster, it's time to put it into practice and become the expert in speed and exploration while immersed in Maneater.

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