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Already Crucible was released and that's why today we prepare this article to tell you how to solve the delay from the first second.

What is Crucible about.

This is the first game that Amazon Games exclusively for PC users, and it has 10 different ones for you to choose to play in objective-based modes, with players fighting against other players. Unfortunately the game has just been released and it is having so many errors that we cannot reach our fingers to count them. This particular bug is probably one of the most annoying in the game that is causing many players to wonder how to fix the delay, but fortunately it can be easily fixed.

How to fix the delay in Crucible.

Despite there not being an official solution from the developers yet, it is possible to improve the delay by modifying the settings from the main menu screen between games. For this the first thing you have to do is press the gear wheel that is in the upper right corner of the screen, or press the ESC key and open the settings option to access the video tab.

In the video tab you will have to access Screen settings and choose the Frame rate limit to determine the number of frames the game uses, which we recommend placing between 60 and 30 if you have a good graphics card that overheats by the game.

Then you will have to activate V sync on the Crucible that is above the frame rate limit.
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    After making these two changes, simply press apply and save the changes, restart the game and if possible, your PC to come back to test how affective the changes were.

    In case the problems persist you will have to go back to the Settings access the Graphics option in the Video tab to change the graphics settings from High to Low starting with Water, then Shading, Shadow, Post-processing, Pattern, Texture , and then Texture Filter. This will take a bit of beauty out of the game, but what good is a nice game that can't be played?

    When done, apply the changes again, save, restart the game, make sure the changes have improved performance.

     We hope that with this guide on how to fix the lag in Crucible you can prevent the performance degradation in the game and you can be able to play the game as smoothly as it should be. Remember that the game is being released so there will probably be new errors that the developers will be solving little by little and others that we have already solved in previous guides that we recommend you review.

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