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Borderlands 3: How to Get more Eridium - tips and tricks

2019-09-16 08:04:34

Through this Borderlands 3 guide, we give you some very important tips and tricks where we will tell you how to get more Eridium in the game so you can buy powerful weapons.

Borderlands 3, in this game we find a coin called Eridium, which is essential to buy the most powerful weapons and important equipment of the game, while you play you will get purple crystals just in them you will get Eridium, so you should know How to get more Eridium from the crystals.

How to get and break the purple crystals in Borderlands 3

Unfortunately you will not be able to obtain the purple crystals without having completed the story mission in-game. If you wonder how to get more Eridium, we inform you that you first have to break the crystals, but to be able to break the crystals you need to advance a lot in the game until you manage to unlock an element that will allow you to break them, this element is a reward that you will get once you clean the head of the first vault you get.

How to get more Eridium in Borderlands 3

In this sense, the first thing you have to do in Borderlands 3, is to advance a lot in the Beneath Meridian mission, you must reach chapter 10 of it at least. After having reached this goal, you can already break all the purple crystals you left back in its game path, once you have this quality you can break the crystals and get the Eridium you are looking for.

How / what to use the Eridium in Borderlands 3

This element is very important, because you can use it in Crazy Earl, there you have the option to buy weapons and buy customizations. On the other hand, Eridium can be used in Santuary to bribe a character that you are going to get right at the bottom of the bank, it is called Crazy Earl, you will get it precisely on the other side is a door tied with a chain, this character You can sell items if you have the available Eridium currency.

You will also get some items that will help you customize your character, if you go to Crazy you will see a vending machine, with a lot of weapons stored if you have Eridium you can buy according to the amount of money available. Being in chapter 10 you have to get the Vault Rewards Boss Fight, this will allow you to get the element called Eridium Resonator, just those you need, with this element you can already get and break all the purple crystals to get more Eridium so as to be able to cultivate them.

Thank you for choosing us, we hope that our guide has been very helpful to the concern of how to get more Eridium in the game Borderlands 3 more quickly, just remember to get to Vault Rewards Boss Fight, where you will get the Eridium Resonator element and break glass .

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