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Angel Marquez
2021-04-13 15:00:50

More about: Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 brings a new DLC, and therefore we are going to explain how to kill 300 enemies with corrosive weapons.

What to know about killing 300 enemies with corrosive weapons in Borderlands 3?

  It is a difficult, but necessary task that we must carry out in this game, we also have little time to do it, we only have until April 15, so we must take care of being as agile as possible, in such a way How to know How to kill 300 enemies with corrosive weapons becomes a challenge to win, for this it is necessary to access the weekly challenges, especially taking into account the letter from the vault of the fallen heroes.

How to kill 300 enemies with corrosive weapons in Borderlands 3?

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One of the most favorable options that is presented to us to carry out this action is to go to Trashlantis and from there move to the left in order to eliminate Hyperion magazines, this requires corrosive weapons because they usually have armor, and With another type of weapon it is difficult to reach the objective, in this search to know how to kill 300 enemies with corrosive weapons we are presented with the possibility of locating Scraptrap Prime, this is usually located in a cave in the upper corner on the left side of the map, it is only necessary to take care of this boss and in turn with the smaller Scraptaps that accompany it, these are weak to corrosive damage and if we do not attack them they can become a severe threat.

 This place is one of the most attractive spaces to reach these 300 deaths with corrosive weapons in Borderlands 3, because when we go to the exit before going down it is possible to get some junk traps, these are important because they avoid having to fight a little, This usually works in an excellent way for those of us who have the Moxxi DLC, but if we do not have this, it is necessary to take charge of mobilizing ourselves to some killing circles, it is only necessary to avoid the "Star of Slaughter 3000", there are enemies to who are not affected by corrosive weapon damage.

 Good places to execute this atheist to kill 300 enemies with corrosive weapons are the "Cistern of Carnage in Promethea" because it allows us to get enemies vulnerable to corrosive damage, or the "Pit of Carnage in Pandora", which has neutral enemies, in addition There is the possibility of focusing on the weekly challenges and for this it is feasible to deactivate the Chaos Mode, with this we are allowed to achieve this goal, it will only be enough to fire a high-level corrosive weapon, however, working on this challenge alone can be favorable, as this will prevent colleagues from stealing some deaths, as this can be detailed when playing in cooperative mode, which would imply working a little more than it should.

 We can put an end to our guide on How to kill 300 enemies with corrosive weapons, in this way you will have to work on the challenges and get the necessary deaths to progress in Borderlands 3.

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