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Lidia Rozo
2021-06-02 15:43:10

More about: Borderlands 3

Today we are going to talk to you about a search in Borderlands 3 and this allows us to tell you where to find the Rough Rider shield.

What is the Rough Rider shield in Borderlands 3?

This is simply a legendary drop called "Teddy Roosevelt", this offers us certain skill benefits, in such a way that knowing where to find the Rough Rider shield involves us before two options to get it and in this way take advantage of the attributes that it usually brings, There is no doubt that this shield usually has a unique and interesting look.

Where to find the Rough Rider shield in Boderlands3?

It is necessary to embark on a search for this legendary weapon that has extremely low probabilities of appearing randomly, failing which knowing where to find the Rough Rider shield makes us have to go into a fight against a formidable enemy in Borderlands 3 called “Urist McEnforcer ”, This will drop this shield that usually acts as an object.

Now, as it is our job to know where to find the Rough Rider shield is necessary:

Find Urist McEnfrocer:
this is the first necessary action, locate him in Borderlands 3, for this it is necessary to travel to Lectra City from Promethea and this implies entering a secondary mission called "Kill Urist McEnforcer", it is necessary to locate him in the center of the city, local makes it necessary to take care of climbing some stairs to reach the square, this enemy is in the tunnels and to get there it is necessary to locate ourselves at the end of the stairs, turn to the right in order to enter to these and proceed to walk a few seconds through the tunnel to see that this enemy will appear on the left.

Kill Urist:once we have found him, it is necessary to proceed to eliminate him in Borderlands 3, fortunately he can be killed quickly, since he is not usually a boss, it will only be enough to use some grenades in addition to a shotgun, it will only be enough to execute some shots correctly and voilà.
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Get around with problems with some spawns: it is possible to get some inconveniences during this search to know Where to find the Rough Rider shield and this can become somewhat complex, it is necessary to find Urist a couple of times to eliminate him and for him to drop, some encounters will drop some drops that are not really enough, in fact sometimes we lose some time while looking for it, considering that it usually has only three legendary drops, which cannot necessarily guarantee us something in particular, which allows us to abandon the planet and thus increase the possibilities, it will only be enough to wait about an hour to restart the map.

Once we know where to find the Rough Rideres shield, it is necessary to take a look at the statistics and the use that it usually has in Borderlands 3, and they are the following:

  • This shield has the ability to provide us with around 13 percent protection against radiation, which makes it possible to determine it as a legendary passive ability.
  • Using the action skill gives us a 5 percent increase in health regeneration.
  • This shield has interesting improvements among which it usually stands out that it has around 23 percent damage reduction, in addition to 35 percent maximum health.
  • Rough Horseman may tend to absorb the fourth damage taken instead of blocking it.
  • Having the possibility of having a damage reduction, in addition to more health, offers us the opportunity to survive more adverse situations in Borderlands 3.

With the Rough Rider shield in our possession there are some things that can be built, such as:

  • It is possible to combine the shield with Zane's "Arise on Chance" ability in the Covert tree which can offer us a bit more boost, since Zane's ability has a health regeneration bonus, especially it tends to be more favorable the lower the shield.
  •  It is necessary to make a good choice of the character to choose this shield and that implies choosing Amara, she has some abilities that increase total health, among which regeneration can be highlighted.
  •  Having this shield in Borderlands 3 is undoubtedly an excellent option, especially considering that these usually have the ability to regenerate, however, it is worth having the Amara trees and configuring them so that they can offer us health bonuses and in this way be as well-equipped as possible.

Now that you know Where to find the Rough Rider shield, it is ideal to embark on this interesting search, so that it allows you to access a very useful legendary weapon in Borderlands 3.

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