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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-14 18:14:40

More about: Borderlands 3

We are back for Borderlands 3 and it is to tell you how to beat Dr. Benedict, let's see.

Who is Dr. Benedict in Borderlands 3?

This is simply one of the bosses that we get in this game, being a boss is simply hard, he will try to hurt us which is something very normal, so it is necessary to know how to beat Dr. Benedict, a formidable character which we will face in this DLC.

How to beat Dr. Benedict in Borderlands 3?

It is important to consider that being a boss is a complicated fight, because for this it is necessary to shoot him in the head trying to remove the shield that usually protects him, which allows us to use our skills, since it is necessary to make use of cryogenic damage with the object of freezing some announcements so that they cannot affect us, since this combat is usually carried out on the operating table where we will see Dr.
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To eliminate this boss it is necessary:

  • Avoid being hit with the blue laser beam: This is an implement that we will have in this game and is usually used by the doctor, which makes it easy to move and if we do not move it can damage us enough, for this it is necessary to move in counterclockwise.
  • Avoid poison attacks: this boss will choose to use everything he can, so it is necessary to avoid crossing the path with him, because if for some reason we manage to step on it it is possible to receive some amount of damage, since pain will choose to use a green poison that can harm us.
  • The attacks with blades: It is necessary to keep some distance between the Dr and us, as this allows us to cause damage, in some meeting points where he will be interested in stabbing us.
  • The orange shield phase: this is a phase in which it is not possible to do anything to the boss, which allows us to take some time to heal.
  • Keep an announcement alive: This is necessary to eliminate the boss when he manages to fall in combat.

 This is all you need to know to know how to beat Dr. Benedict, it is not a very simple task but it is necessary to be able to progress in Borderlands 3.

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