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Edelmira Leon
2021-04-16 17:05:12

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Everyone is wondering how to beat Skrakk in Borderlands 3 and in this guide we have covered it all.

  What is Skrakk in Borderlands 3?

He is a mini boss and is a mix of Skag and Rakk, that is to say a kind of rare monster that can respawn and that you will find in one place in the game to obtain the rewards.
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How to beat Skrakk in Borderlands 3?

On the planet Pandora, for the Ascension Bluff challenge is the Legendary Hunt, you must defeat Skrakk ..

At the entry point, there is the path that will take you to one on the right side of the main road then cross the bridge and you arrive at the den.

To defeat him you must take into account that he can fly and is guarded by Skags with whom you must deal.

His main attack is a fast-flying dive bomb, so stay tuned. You can also kill him using assault rifles.

Winning will receive the SkekSil pistol and the Infiltrator class mod.

  We hope that after reading this article on how to beat Skrakk in Borderlands 3, we hope that you can beat this boss and earn the rewards.

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