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Lidia Rozo
2021-04-13 05:10:15

More about: Borderlands 3

We are still working on Borderlands 3 which allows us to explain how to complete the vault card, let's see.

What is the point of completing the vault card in Borderlands 3?

Undoubtedly the most recent DLC of this game brings for us more activities from which it is possible to take advantage of, in this sense, knowing How to complete the vault card allows us to get hold of:

All Fallen Heroes rewards.

  • Game currencies.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Legendary equipment.

How to complete the vault card in Borderlands 3?

This card, like others, makes us have to take care of working a little, to the point that this allows us to reach the rank of "Guardian", this is usually done when getting XP, in this sense, it is necessary to take charge of progressing and working a little for which it is necessary to consider:

Obtain XP quickly in Borderlands 3:
this is a necessary action, in this sense, knowing how to complete the vault card leads us to consider gathering a considerable amount of XP, in this way it is necessary to consider that this quest to complete the vault card The vault requires deactivating the difficulty option in Chaos Mode, this is usually done because here there is no impact on the XP gain and for this it is necessary:
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Get it in the killing circles, and it usually occurs in the slaughter pit thanks to the considerable amount of enemies that it is possible to get there, these enemies are in a small space, in addition they are meat enemies that only contain weapons electrical and shields.

Get XP through agriculture, in this case it is viable to opt for the Graveward boss, because having a good level it is possible to defeat him easily.

Earn XP by running daily and weekly challenges, as this implies having the possibility of facing some bosses and lesser hordes. On the other hand, it arises necessary:

  • Equip the "Moxxi's Endowment" artifact which can give us 12 percent XP.
  • The scientific machine can offer us some tokens that allow us to achieve a 25 percent increase in XP.
  • Being able to accumulate the effects of the artifact and the tokens can offer us 37 percent of XP, only that these last a limited time, in addition to being able to be redeemed as many times as possible.

Opting for a smarter blocking strategy: Well, by unlocking a vault card reward we are allowed to get a key and this in turn can be exchanged for a reward of fallen heroes, cosmetics or legendary weapons, since each reward obtained offers us the opportunity to receive a legendary item and thus continue to progress.

This is everything you need to know about How to complete the vault card, in such a way that this allows us to progress in Borderlands 3, try it.

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