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Today we bring you a Borderlands 3 guide, where we will explain where to find spiders.

What to know about Borderlands 3?

Throughout the game, different types of enemies are presented, among which there are creatures, humans and aliens, this is presented in the different planets, but at this moment we are presented with the need to look for spiders, certainly something that can be seen as a challenge, one of the places that becomes suitable is pandora, for this it is necessary to be well-equipped with the appropriate weapons, now it is appropriate that we have an idea of where to find spiders and here in this guide it will be explained in detail, let's see them below.

Where to find spiders in Borderlands 3?

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    In the splintered lands we have to find the red spiders, once we appear in this location what we will do is focus on the arena of the mini Phoenix boss, which we find starting from the entrance in a straight line and allowing us to find a type vehicle, because otherwise it will become a tedious path, we will arrive at a cave that has two entrances when we pass through the left part of the map, a place that allows us to solve Where to find spiders because of the many that they will be here, it is possible to your Once accessing a secondary mission, another place that will be useful for this task in Borderlands 3 is the devil's razor, this location stands out for having a statue of an ancient hunter from the Roland vaults, which we will do starting from said statue is to go north to find the location of more spiders, we will notice that there is a bridge in the center of the map, under which there are some nests, we can also face a spiderant, which it is timely motivated by the need to end these.

    With our sights on the spiderants, what we will do with ease to kill them can be the use of the new legendary weapons, always considering the abdomen as a target, because by giving them in this specific place the damage that we will cause them will be important, it is certainly not something so easy to make of course, when enough damage is caused to these creatures they will become stunned, for this we have to use a shotgun, sniper or revolver in their armored heads, in case of not being able to do it for some reason, it is possible that by locating behind these we focus on elemental damage, as these are meat, fire weapons are a great possibility, even though these are stronger than almost the other basic enemies, it cannot be compared with mini bosses.

    Finally, now that we know where to find spiders we can move on to Borderlands 3.

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