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2020-09-14 11:08:11

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Our walkthrough of Borderlands 3 lets us explain how to beat Psychoreaver, let's see.

Who is Psychoreaver at Borderlands 3?

  As we play and get deeper into this DLC we get a series of interesting characters, perhaps some more than others but each with certain peculiarities, so Psychoreaver is simply the final boss, which makes a combat something complex but in one way or another it is necessary to win.
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How to beat Psychoreaver in Borderlands 3?

 In order to defeat this boss, it is necessary to know his attacks and these are the following:

  •  Jumping Ground Slam Attack: This is a boss blow that can make it throw towards us, it is necessary to get away to avoid damage.
  • Ground Slam AoE attacks: this attack that this boss gives consists of generating a hit of the ground that manages to affect the area where he is, which simply does not make us consider the possibility of retreating and avoiding being hit, however it is possible to perform some amount damage which will make you see the need to raise your hands and proceed to disappear into the arena to take us to a second phase of the fight that can become more complicated, starting with the size of your head that will increase what does it know How to beat Psychoreaver is vital.
  • Mace Slam: this blow leads us to have to flee to avoid receiving damage since the boss will be in charge of turning around his giant mace, which makes it possible to cause a blow against the ground.
  • Psychopaths riding rockets: This is an attack that can become somewhat slow, which allows us to adapt to avoid it with some ease, managing to attack psychopaths who are mounted on rockets as they choose to approach us.

 Now that you know how to beat Psychoreaver it's time for you to try it, because once eliminated you will have the opportunity to get the Major Kong rocket launcher in Borderlands 3.

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