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Borderlands 3: How to Beat the Warden - tips and tricks

2019-09-17 07:09:49

In this guide, we will tell you some very interesting tips and tricks on how to beat the warden in Borderlands 3, being one of the challenging bosses of the game, we wish you well.

Borderlands 3, is one of the most preferred games of many players for its multiple weapons, number of bosses and enemies to face, side missions, hidden areas that you must achieve, among many other things, this makes players launch great challenges. This time we will tell you how to beat the warden, one of the most powerful bosses in the game, has two health bars, and many attacks that can be deadly for you.

Who is the warden in Borderlands 3

He is one of the bosses of Borderlands 3, most feared by some players, this appears in the main story of the game, this character has 2 health bars available, which makes it very powerful, one of its bars is yellow and the second is red, it is important that you know that the yellow bar is quite weak to corrosive damage.

You must be very careful since Alcaide has some very powerful movements accompanied by rocket shots and laser beams, you will not be able to see it when he makes this type of attack because it becomes invincible, he can only do them when his yellow bar is loaded, when he is This bar is sold out is the time to attack it and make your red health bar decrease. When this happens you will jump across the entire area of ​​sand until you fill your health bar again. Eye do not neglect because this boss produces sudden every moment in order to get distracted and be able to defeat you.

How to beat the warden in Borderlands 3

Previously we gave you some details on his attacks, now get ready as we get into how to beat the warden. This boss has the power to cause enough damage to be a considerable oponent, so we will tell you that he is weak to corrosive weapons this greatly affects his yellow bar, you must also attack with shots whenever you can his head to decrease his red bar. You only need a weapon like a shotgun to shoot its head, when this individual becomes invisible, do your best to keep yourself very well covered, because if a rocket reaches you you will be history.

We recommend that you eliminate his entire army before beginning to beat the warden, however it is not easy because will keep generating more, but always keep making rapid movements before his subjects attack you, while taking advantage of attacking the boss. You can take all the defense weapons you can from Borderlands 3 with you, and when you observe that the search begins to heal, it is time for you to use all your skills to attack it every time you see the opportunity, this is how to overcome to the warden.

That's all, we hope our guide has been a great help in Borderlands 3, now you know how to beat the warden, don't forget that you must attack him every time his health bars go down.

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