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Borderlands 3 Amara Guide : Best Builds

2019-09-13 15:40:55

Surely you have wondered about the Builds types in Borderlands 3, here we are using this guide to tell you all about the best builds with Amara.

 Borderlands 3, has a very important character, it is about Amara one of the six mermaids emerged in this game, she is always willing to enter the background of the battles, her best benefit is to maintain control in the fight and thus make her friends Have your biggest advantages. On the other hand it gives you the opportunity to increase your action skills. In this opportunity Amara presents us with new skills of increase and action to make best builds within the game.

What are the best buildings in Borderlands 3

Next we are going to present you the best constructions in the company of Amara, in total there are six so far in Borderlands 3.

How is the goddess of thunder construction in Borderlands 3

This is one of the Borderlands 3 constructions that uses Remnant, Wildfire, Catharsis, Eternal Fist, Allure and Indiscriminate, which are the most suitable for disasters in combat fields, this construction mainly focuses on doing the greatest possible damage . As if this were not enough, he also has at his disposal his ability to act that causes secondary damage, in a moment the construction in the control of AOE will stand out, it is the right time for him to remind Maya of what he can enter into battle.

How is the Stormcaller construction in Borderlands 3

 This Amara construction has as its main objective to enter the battle and use her life so that all the comrades of battle keep their health full, if she observes that things are not going well, it has an effect of confusion of Glamor, in this way you can make sure that the enemies are not the main ones in the battle, however if this is not enough and everything has failed, you have another one under your sleeve, this is your Guardian Angel that keeps it in your pocket, but of course we would be talking of some condition too extreme.

 How to build the elemental goddess in Borderlands 3

Continuing with the best builds, the elemental goddess is a specialist in doing a lot of elementary damage. In this build Amara has two sources of self-sufficiency protected by Clarity and Sustainment, this allows her to have more freedom so that she can make changes during the battle, she goes to Fast Hand and make the exchange of some elements of Maliwan immediately.

 As she is one of the sirens in Borderlands 3, she cannot have the power to destroy the enemies, but we can count on Phaselock that can cause very good damage along with Indiscriminate and Allure all together, so you must use them for whenever you want A powerful blow to a group.

How to Build The Walking Tank in Borderlands 3

This build in Borderlands 3, has the option that Amara becomes a tank, which allows it to absorb everything it can without running any damage. But you must follow these steps: you must go to Fracture with Phaseslam with Soulsap, depending on the requirement of the situation that is being presented.

We recommend that in this build fight in the first levels, this will give you the option of accessing Soulsap just at level forty, you must be very careful and avoid being killed at all times, so you will have the help of your Revelation , make the most of your DPS and protect the Amara siren. Once you reach level 40, head to the Mystical Assault tree and collect as much as possible immediately.

 How to build the Elemental DoT in Borderlands 3

This is another of the best builds, in this build Arena is given the option to distribute the maximum DoT tax, without the need to use the weapons. This will give you the option to remove everything completely if you wish. It is important that you know that the infusion you can possess while passing the first levels, but once you are at the end of the level you have to discard it completely if it is of your preference before the level limit is better.

How to build Supergirl in Borderlands 3

 To end with the best builds in Borderlands 3, Supergirl is presented to us, in this build if you combine the melee attack with Rush, it will be very interesting in its use, because it will do significant damage due to your ability to act. You will also have your Violent Tapestry that will allow you to restore the damage you may suffer when hitting many things at the same time.

 If what you want is to go through this build as soon as possible, then you have no choice but to fully rely on your weapons and the melee and take down the enemies, we recommend you use a shotgun, this will increase the damage while You fight melee, you can even take her through the city.
Once again thanks for always being with us. This is all we hope our guide has been helpful to know each of the best buildings in Borderlands 3.
Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia
Action role-playing, first-person shooter
Gearbox Software
2K Games, Humble Store, Stadia
Unreal Engine 4
Release date:
13 September 2019
Single-player, multiplayer

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