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Ark: Valguero - How to Find Resources quickly

2019-06-20 15:28:55

As you may know, a couple of days ago, a DLC expansion map called "Valguero" was added in the action, adventure and survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved.

Since the advent of the new DLC Ark: Valguero expansion, many players have been wondering how to easily find resources in Ark: Valguero. And if you are one of the players who was wondering how to find resources this guide will be perfect for you

Because we have prepared a very interesting guide, in which we have given ourselves the task of investigating that, how to find resources in Ark: Valguero and we have achieved it. We have compiled several places and data with which we will show you how to find resources by lots in Ark: Valguero. So we give you our guide so you know where and how to find resources in Ark: Valguero.

ARK Valguero Map All resources Location

How to find resources in Ark: Valguero.

    How to find raw salt in Ark: Valguero.

The first of the resources that we are going to indicate in our list is raw salt. You can find a good quantity at coordinates 78.1 and 90.0. Once in this location you will find a good amount of raw salt in the lower part of the valley.

    How to find Polymer in Ark: Valguero.

The second resource of our guide on how to find resources in Ark: Valguero, which we are going to mention is the Polymer. To find this material in Ark: Valguero, we have two locations, the first coordinates are 38.5 and 34.9, these coordinates will take you to a beach full of dolphins to get good quantities of polymers. The second coordinate will take you to a snowed biome in 18.7 and 89.1, here you will get the polymer from the penguins.

    How to find Metal, Fungic Wood and Gems in Ark: Valguero.

In Ark: Valguero is not difficult to find metal, but if you want to find good reserves of these 3 resources, we recommend you visit the following coordinate, 38.9 and 57.6, this coordinate will take you to Aberration Trench, you will have to go next to the lake to collect your loot .

Another place where you can find a good amount of these resources is in the coordinate 30.0 and 62.1.

    How to find Pearls in Ark: Valguero.

If you want to find a lot of pearls in Ark: Valguero we recommend you visit the coordinate 42.6 and 53.3, dive into the river to find them all over the bottom.

    How to find Cactus in Ark: Valguero.

This can be one of the most difficult resources to find in Ark: Valguero, but if you go to White Cliff in coordinate 74.1 and 86.1, you can find several cacti.

    How to find cement paste in Ark: Valguero.

This is one of the most sought after materials by all players, in our search for Ark: Valguero we have found two lugadres in which you can find good quantities of cement paste to supply your resources with it.

The first location is coordinates 39.9 and 16.4 and the second location is coordinates 53.6 and 73.3 in the beaver dykes.

    How to find Sulfur cement in Ark: Valguero.

Another important material in our guide on how to find resources in Ark: Valguero is sulfur. To find this resource visit the coordinate 08.1 and 77.1, in this location you can get a lot of sulfur.

    How to find Petroleum in Ark: Valguero.

We are not exactly oil workers, but we do know how to find oil in Ark: Valguero for you. You will have to visit a snowy area that is in the coordinate 17.9 and 88.7 where you can also find a lot of oil nodes in addition to oil.

    How to find Obsidian and crystal in Ark: Valguero.

To find obsidian and crystal in Ark: Valguero, we have two locations for you, the first one is in a snowy mountain that is at coordinates 14.3 and 81.9, where you can find a good amount of obsidian at the base and if you go more towards the peak of the mountain you can find crystal. The second location is in White Cliff, the coordinates are 81.0 and 75.1, here you can also get a lot of obsidian and glass.

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